To learn Tai Chi and actualise its principles means to change the body and mind, and how one uses them, in the most fundamental and beneficial way. This forms both the first step and an ever deepening long term process. It is in this simple process that the treasures of Tai Chi training can be found and not in remembering complicated movements, techniques or theory

Skillful guidance and corrections from an experienced teacher is essential to learn anything well and this is especially the case with Tai Chi. There is no quick or easy way but fortunately like life the beauty is in the process. We offer small group tuition, 1:1 training, workshops and retreats in all aspects of Chen Style Tai Chi, Yiquan and Qigong. You can read more about our training here: The Internal Athlete

Sam is currently offering socially distanced one to one lessons in all aspects of Tai Chi, Yiquan, and Qigong in Priory Park, Chichester.

As soon as restrictions allow Sam will be offering a number of classes for small groups: Tai Chi Foundation, Tai Chi Improvers & Tai Chi in the Park – more details in due course

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