Yiquan is an Internal martial art comprising a synthesis of Xingyi, Taiji, Bagua and Western Boxing. Developed by Wang Xiang Zhai after a lifetime of researching martial arts, Yiquan is without ‘forms’ and is simple and accessible in nature. Its key tenets revolve around uncovering and building our inherent natural power, integral movement skills and body cognition.

For those who want to explore and improve their essential body/mind skills and mechanics Yiquan’s core practises of Zhanzhuang (standing meditation), simple ‘whole body’ movements (both stationary and whilst stepping) and partner-work comprise a highly accessible and productive training methodology.

You can learn Yiquan with Sam on Saturday mornings, 8-10am in Priory Park, Chichester or at The Internal Athlete™ retreats in Morocco. Contact us for more information and to book your place in class: info@sussextaichi.co.uk